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mitsuiOnly very few manufacturers are worldwide in the position to supply injection & extrusion  moldable UHMW-PE.

DREYTEK is representing Mitsui Chemicals.

UHMW-PE is available as granulate (LUBMER) for injection and extrusion molding. Powders  (MIPELON) and granulates are also used in blending with other polymers, i.e. to improve the tribological properties.


Features of LUBMER, LY1040 & MIPELON

UHMW-PE LUBMER L3000, L4000, L5000
• UHMWPE in Granulate form as you know it from standard Polyolefins
• Very high chemical resistance
• Noiseless properties
• Very high abrasion resistance
• Very good sliding properties
• Requirements for FDA & EU 10/2011
• L3000 also as improving agent for PP to improve the head resistance and the abrasion resistance

UHMW-PE abrasion resistance improving agent LY1040
• Very high improving of abrasion resistance
• Very high decreasing of friction coefficient for PA6, PA66, PBT
• Agent in granulate form for standard dosing systems
• High effective from 0,5% onward

• Low water-absorption
• Very high abrasion resistance
• Easy dispersion properties
• Food safety FDA

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Mitsui Chemicals 2