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221px Nippon Sheet Glass logo.svg METASHINE® effects pigments are produced from microscopic amorphous glass flake substrates and coated with a variety of NSG-proprietary surface treatments to produce a consistent and well-controlled color, glitter and luster effect
  • NSG tightly controls the particle size distribution to provide a range of effects from isolated starlight to a shimmering metallic luster
  • The flakes are composed of industrial glass and metal/metal oxide coatings, resulting in very robust particles that can easily be processed in commercial equipment such as polymer extruders and high shear mixers without degradation
  • The entire glass flake (including the edges) is coated, efficiently achieving the various effects at low addition rates, even in bases with low transparency
  • The low addition levels needed to achieve effects using METASHINE® minimize any changes in the performance or processing characteristics of the base resin, enabling this Effects Pigment to be used in a broad range of applications
  • The low addition level also allows the materials designer a larger area inside his formulation window into which he or she can add other important raw materials.
  • Dozens of [color + particle size] combinations are commercially available

METASHINE® Delivers Conductivity and Style to 3D Printing

Work at a UK University has demonstrated that METASHINE® can deliver excellent conductivity to 3D printed components

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METASHINE® In Decorative Film
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METASHINE® Product Summary

METASHINE® Technical Summary
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