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Dreytek distributes PTFE Micropowders manufactured by Kitamura Ltd., Japan.

Kitamura has an expansive portfolio of PTFE Micropowders for applications such as:

  • Polymer compounding/tribology
  • Coating
  • Printing ink production
  • Lubrication

Grades differ in molecular weight, particle form & size, PTFE based chemistry and production method.

Unique for Kitamura among PTFE micropowder producers is the availability of grades for high temperature applications involving polymers such as PEEK, PEI, PES and PPS. These products can withstand processing temperatures of more than 400 degrees Celsius.  In addition, since these high temperature grades do not decompose, even over long periods of time, Kitamura PTFE is commonly used in POM/PTFE compounds, since there is no decomposition of the PTFE into HF gas which could attack the POM.  And Kitamura PTFE containing POM compounds show very low odor when processed.


PTFE Dreytek



FDA and EU 10/2011 grades available

DREYTEK supplies our customers from a New Jersey central stock point, typically within 5 business days upon receipt.

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