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NSG Group FLEKA® Glass Flake from NSG is unique in that it offers:

  • The benefits of strength and stiffness achieved with glass fiber without compromising dimensional stability
  • The benefits of dimensional stability often achieved with mineral fillers without compromising mechanical properties
  • In essence FLEKA® and FineFlake™ offer strength and stiffness without a trade-off in dimensional stability

FineFlakeGlass Flake
This product offers improved weld line strength when compared to other reinforcements such as glass fiber, mica and glass beads.

DOE Independent Study

These properties of FLEKA® and FineFlake™ were confirmed through a DOE study conducted by a third party lab (IFC in Wisconsin).

FLEKA® and FineFlake™ Glass Flakes are available in various particle sizes:

  • <.7um -5um in thickness
  • 30um-600um in average diameter

FLEKA®  and FineFlake™ Glass Flakes are available in various sizings to insure optimized compatibility with the thermoplastics being modified:

  • Amino silane, epoxy silane, acryl silane, custom silanes

FLEKA® and FineFlake™ Glass Flakes are granulated into 1mm particles, so they are easy to add to the extruder.

  • But once they are exposed to processing temperatures, the binder dissipates and the glass flakes (micron sized particles) are easily distributed throughout the melt

Review DREYTEK’s recent presentation at the 2019 Compounding World Forum, NSG’s FLEKA® – A Granulated Glass Flake Offering No Trade-offs Between Strength and Dimensional Stability

FLEKA®  and FineFlake™ Glass Flakes For Barrier Performance 

These products offer passive barrier performance by providing a tortuous path to water and gases in molded and extruded parts and films